Launch: Autoscaling Sidekiq on Heroku

“We have a very uneven Sidekiq workflow with a large number of jobs that get enqueued overnight. Rails Autoscale lets us get those jobs done quickly without paying for idle workers most of the day.” —Geoff, worker autoscaling beta user

It's been my most requested feature since day one, and it's taken over six months of testing to get it just right. I'm excited to announce that today autoscaling for worker dynos is live for all Rails Autoscale customers at no extra cost.

All it takes is a couple clicks. See it for yourself in this video walkthrough.

It couldn't be easier. You choose the dynos you want to autoscale, choose the queues you want to monitor, and turn it on. Rails Autoscale does the rest.

I've been running it myself since January, saving over 25% on worker dyno costs, and never again worrying about backed up job queues. 10 beta users have also been battle-testing it on a variety of apps over the past few months. Thanks so much to these customers—you really have made a huge impact!

I plan to support more job backends beyond Sidekiq in the future, so be sure to email me and cast a vote for your tool of choice. Customer feedback plays a huge role in deciding what I work on next.

Start here for worker autoscaling

If you're already using Rails Autoscale, just click "worker dynos" and try it out today. If you're not a Rails Autoscale customer yet, install it for free and see how easy autoscaling can be.