Getting started with Judoscale

Get your dynos autoscaling in less than 5 minutes. Ready? Go!

Provision the Add-On

Before we do any gem installs or code-changes, let's provision the add-on for our Heroku app! We can either do that via the Heroku CLI with:

heroku addons:create judoscale -a YOUR_APP_NAME

or via the web UI:

Screenshot: provisioning Judoscale via the web UI

Once the add-on is provisioned we just need to follow the package install guide for our language(s) and framework(s). Please see the following links to the install guide for your app setup:

Once you've got the Judoscale packages installed, you'll just need to check out the Judoscale app dashbaord and change any default scaling configuration parameter's you'd like!

Last step ➡ scaling configuration

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If anything in these docs doesn't work quite right or you have questions, know that you can always reach out to us at Your email goes directly to the Judoscale devs!