Pricing Details


Judoscale has a number of pricing tiers depending on the platform and details.

The Free Plan (White Belt)

Judoscale will always have a free plan that includes all of our features. It is only be limited in how many scale events will be issued for the app. For smaller apps that just want protection against "going viral" or that just need occasional scaling, this plan will cover you.

Screenshot: Banner with free autoscales remaining

If your app needs to scale dynamically more than 20 times per month, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan.


Our Heroku pricing breaks down into several "belt" tiers based on the maximum number of Standard and Performance dynos you need to run at any given time. We also support Private and Shield dynos, which are priced the same as Performance dynos.

Our "Belt" Plans on Heroku

White BeltYellow BeltOrange BeltGreen BeltBlue BeltPurple BeltBrown BeltBlack Belt
Standard dynosUnlimited5102050100250Unlimited
Perf dynosUnlimited37153580Unlimited
Autoscale events20UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

The number of dynos listed in the table above indicate the maximum number of dynos running across all web and worker dynos with autoscaling enabled. You'll see this limit enforced if you attempt to set a dyno range that exceeds your current plan.

Screenshot: Validation error when setting dyno range beyond the current plan limit

An Example

Let's take an app that has three processes:

ProcessDyno TypeAutoscale Dyno Range
webPerf-L1–3 dynos
worker-1Std-2X2–20 dynos
worker-2Std-2X1 dyno (not autoscaled)

This setup has 20 max Standard dynos and 3 max Perf dynos. The app would need the Green Belt plan, which supports up to 20 Standard dynos and 10 Performance dynos.

Note that "worker-2" is not counted since autoscaling is not enabled. Enabling autoscaling on worker-2 would bring max Standard dynos to 21, exceeding the 20 Standard dyno limit of the Orange Belt plan. This would require either an upgrade to the Blue Belt plan or reducing the max dynos of worker-1.

Regardless of your plan, you can still manually scale your app higher via the Heroku web UI or CLI, but Judoscale will not let you set a dyno range that brings your max dynos beyond your plan limit.

Legacy Plans

Some customers may still be on a legacy plan such as "bronze-std" or "silver-perf". These plans will continue to work, but if you need to upgrade or downgrade, you will need to choose one of the "belt" plans.