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Leveraging Schedules

Judoscale is all about automatically determining the best times to scale up and down. On rare occasions, though, it makes sense to schedule certain scaling needs in advance. A few examples…

  • You want a minimum of two dynos (for redundancy) during the week, but scaling down to a single dyno is okay on the weekends.
  • You want to effectively “pause” scaling overnight when you don’t expect any real usage.
  • You have a weekly newsletter that drives a large, sudden, and predicatable spike of traffic to your app, and you want to “pre-scale” for this event.

You can handle these scenarios by adding a custom autoscaling schedule. Just open the autoscaling schedule editor in the Judoscale dashboard to create your app's custom schedule.

Creating Your Schedule

The first step is defining the time blocks where you want to customize your dyno range.

Screenshot: Create schedule button

You can schedule daily time blocks or weekly time blocks.

Screenshot: Scheduling time blocks

Setting Scheduled Dyno Ranges

Once your time blocks are defined, you'll specify custom dyno ranges for each block.

Screenshot: Scheduled dyno ranges

In this example, we're constraining scaling during daily times that are always slow times, and we're "pre-scaling" for a known weekly spike.

Tuning Your Application