Adapter Configuration

Our adapters for Ruby and Python have a few common configuration options used to control the way these adapters report metrics to Judoscale. How you specify these options depends on the adapter you are using:


If you find the Judoscale adapter too noisy in your logs, or if you need more verbose logging to troubleshoot an issue, this is the setting you want.

Set LOG_LEVEL to "DEBUG" to enable debug logging. This will log the queue time capture for every request to your app, and provide more details each time the reporter posts metrics to the Judoscale API.

Set LOG_LEVEL to "WARN" to quiet down some of the informational logging. Note that this can make it more difficult to troubleshoot issues with the adapter.


This setting controls the maximum number of job/task queues that the adapter will report to Judoscale. We have this in place to avoid reporting excessive queues, particularly for apps that generate queues on the fly.

The default MAX_QUEUES value is 20. If you have more than 20 queues, you will need to set this value to a higher number to avoid losing queue data. Use the language-specific links at the top of this document to learn how to set this value.

Scaling Configuration