Autoscale the Right Way
using request queue time and job queue latency

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Judoscale is a dedicated autoscaler for Heroku, Render, and AWS, because scaling is too important to be an afterthought.
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We have a wide variance in both server load and response times, which makes trying to scale based on response time completely ineffective. Judoscale just works. We love it!

Jared Moody
CTO, Jetbuilt

Queue time is the metric that matters

For web requests and job queues, queue time tells us when more or fewer servers are needed. Secondary metrics like response time or CPU don’t measure capacity like queue time. The difference is predictable, reliable autoscaling.Learn more about request queue time

visualization of request queue time

Autoscale your job queues, too

You need to autoscale more than just your web processes. If you have asynchronous job or task queues, reliable throughput is a must. Judoscale prevents backed-up queues by scaling your async processes automatically.

screenshot of selecting a worker dyno in Judoscale

Scale up before your users notice

A capacity issue needs to trigger autoscaling as quickly as possible, and Judoscale is the fastest autoscaler available. Our autoscaling algorithm runs every 10 seconds, ensuring your app scales up before users notice an issue.

screenshot of scaling up fast

Cut your hosting cost by 50% or more

Most apps are way overprovisioned to avoid slowdowns or downtime at peak traffic. Judoscale makes that unnecessary. We make sure you only pay for the resources you need—no more, no less.

screenshot of a Heroku bill

Precise control when you need it

You can scale up by multiple dynos at a time to handle traffic spikes, and you decide how frequently you scale up and down. Each process is configured independently with a few simple sliders.Explore the configs in our sandbox app

screenshot of Judoscale configuration options

Scheduled scaling for predictable traffic

Sometimes you have different scaling needs based on the time of day or day of the week. Judoscale lets you prepare for these times by setting custom scaling schedules.Learn more about scaling schedules

Judoscale schedule controls
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Got questions?

Check out our docs for a whole lot more. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, send us an email!

  • What languages and frameworks does Judoscale support?

    We support many web frameworks and job/task queues for Ruby, Python, and NodeJS. See the full list in our docs.

  • What hosting platforms does Judoscale support?

    Heroku, Render, and Amazon ECS for now, but we’re working on more. Let us know what platform you want us to support.

  • What happened to Rails Autoscale?

    We rebranded as Judoscale in 2022 to be more inclusive to other frameworks. Same product, same team, just a new name.

  • What data can Judoscale access in my app?

    Our adapter libraries only collect queue-related metrics for requests and job queues along with basic process metadata. No actual request or job data is ever collected.

  • Is Judoscale really free?

    Our White Belt plan is completely free, and you can use it forever. It’s limited to 20 autoscales per month, perfect for staging and demo apps. Learn more on our pricing page.

  • Can we have a call to see if Judoscale makes sense for my app?

    Sure, let’s talk! Use this link to book a call with us.

Chameleon has been extremely stable thanks to Judoscale. We have very high spikes in traffic, and I don’t even have to think about it.

Brian Norton
Co-founder & CTO, Chameleon

We had a few times with a spiked increase in load when we exhausted our request queue, resulting in downtime. Judoscale really alleviated that and allowed me to not have to think about it at all. It’s been fantastic so far.

Joe McCormick
Director of Engineering, SplitSpot

As we onboarded larger customers, we expected traffic peaks that needed to be addressed quickly. Judoscale did exactly that.

Jan-Willem van der Meer
Lead Software Developer, ixly

I moved to Judoscale when the business got more serious. I wanted our customers to have quick response times and this was a really efficient way to do that.

Matt Sencenbaugh
Founder, WrestlingIQ

Judoscale is tailor-made to align with the teachings in Nate Berkopec’s Complete Guide to Rails Performance. I signed up initially to scale our worker dynos, which worked exceptionally well. Then I took the plunge to auto-scale the web dynos, and we’ve never switched it off.

Karl Entwistle
Engineer, BiggerPockets

There are no other options as good as Judoscale. I feel like it’s a bargain for the headaches it saves me.

Matt Bertino
Founder, PostPilot

Judoscale has been a huge strategic win for us. We’re spending less money to deliver a better experience to our users. The cost savings listed in the app dashboard is extremely conservative as the service lets us avoid tremendous backend costs on Heroku.

Michael Buckbee
Founder, Gently Used Domains

We’re really impressed by the simplicity and ease of use of Judoscale. We’ve gone from constant worries over site performance, to complete confidence in our configuration. What a great tool!

Christopher Batts
Co-Founder & CEO, Setyl

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