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Autoscale your web and worker dynos with complete control

The Judoscale Difference

Heroku has a free native autoscaler, so why use Judoscale?

Scale background jobs

Web dynos are only half of your app. Autoscale your worker dynos to ensure job queues don't grow out of control.

Request queue time

Response time varies depending on the endpoint. Request queue time is a better metric for more reliable autoscaling.


You need your autoscaler to respond as fast as possible. Catch slowdowns before they become a problem.

Precise control

Scale by multiple dynos to minimize disruption. Tweak your autoscaling behavior using our intuitive interface.

Scheduled autoscaling

Need even more control? Judoscale will adapt to the ebb and flow of your traffic, on a schedule you define.

Any dyno type

Judoscale will autoscale Heroku's standard, performance, private, and shield dynos.

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Youʼre in good hands

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