Rack App Installation

Judoscale supports any Rack-based Ruby application, not just Rails! The installation simply requires a code change to install the Judoscale request middleware, as you'll see below.

Guided Install

When you launch Judoscale for the first time, you'll be prompted to install the appropriate gems:

Screenshot: Judoscale package installation instructions

You can follow these instructions within the app, or you can follow the same instructions below.

Manual Install

Rack Web Process

Installing Judoscale for the Rack web process is as simple as running bundle add judoscale-rack! Or if you'd like to manually add to your Gemfile:

gem "judoscale-rack"

Finally, we'll need to inject this middleware into the Rack stack ourselves:

use Judoscale::RequestMiddleware

Background Jobs

If we're using a background-job processing framework in this project, the next step is to install the corresponding Judoscale adapter for that system. Feel free to skip this step if this project isn't using a background job system. Judoscale currently supports the following frameworks:

gem "judoscale-sidekiq"
gem "judoscale-resque"
gem "judoscale-delayed_job"
gem "judoscale-que"

But you'll just need to install the one that's right for your project.

Finally, we'll run a bundle install and commit/ship the changes to both our Gemfile and Gemfile.lock. That's it! The Judoscale gems will automatically start reporting request and job metrics in the background once the new code fires up in your production environment.

Advanced Rack Adapter Configuration

Code-level hooks for custom configs

Rails Installation