Rack App Installation

Judoscale supports any Rack-based Ruby application, not just Rails! The installation simply requires a small code change to install the Judoscale request middleware, as you'll see below.

Guided Install

When you launch Judoscale for the first time, you'll be prompted to install an "adapter" that's specific to your app's language and framework. In the adapter installation modal, select "Ruby" for your language and "Rack" for your framework. If you use a job backend like Sidekiq or Delayed Job, select that here as well.

Screenshot: Judoscale adapter installation instructions

Based on your selections, you'll see exactly which gems you need to install. You'll also see the snippet needed for using the custom Rack middleware in judoscale-rack.

Once you've installed the appropriate gems and committed and deployed that change, click the button at the bottom of the modal to verify your adapter setup.

Screenshot: Judoscale adapter installation instructions

Once verified, the modal will close, and Judoscale will begin collecting throughput and request queue time metrics.

Screenshot: Throughput and request queue time metrics

Note that autoscaling is still turned off. You'll want to review your configuration before enabling autoscaling.

Advanced Ruby Adapter Configuration

Code-level hooks for custom configs

Rails Installation