Where is Rails Autoscale?

Judoscale was originally called Rails Autoscale, and our Rails Autoscale Heroku add-on lives on.

Why are there two Heroku add-ons?

In 2021, we wanted to make Rails Autoscale available to more than Rails developers. We had customers asking to use Rails Autoscale in their Django apps, Node apps, and more. Heroku doesn’t support renaming an add-on, so we decided to launch Judoscale as a separate Heroku add-on.

What’s different for Rails Autoscale customers?

Rails Autoscale and Judoscale have always been powered by the same backend, and today the add-ons are 100% identical—the same team, same pricing, same UI, same app.

Rails Autoscale customers have the exact same experience as Judoscale customers.

Should I switch from Rails Autoscale to Judoscale?

Nope! The add-ons are exactly the same, so it doesn’t matter to us which one you install. Either way, you’ll be a Judoscale customer.

You'll see a Judoscale logo in the app in either case, so if it makes you feel better to install the Judoscale add-on (we get it, consistency is important), then please do so! Just note that your autoscale settings will not automatically carry over. We recommend taking a screenshot of your "Rails Autoscale" settings before installing Judoscale.

Why did you change the name?

It felt misleading to have “Rails” in our name as we expanded beyond Ruby on Rails. Judoscale is platform-agnostic and language-agnostic, and that’s intentional. We want Judoscale to be the next-level autoscaler for as many developers as possible.

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