Pricing that scales with your app

Judoscale is automatically billed through Heroku. Just choose the plan that covers your dyno scaling limit.


Yellow Belt

5 standard dynos

0 performance dynos


Orange Belt

10 standard dynos

3 performance dynos


Green Belt

20 standard dynos

7 performance dynos


Blue Belt

50 standard dynos

15 performance dynos


Purple Belt

100 standard dynos

35 performance dynos


Brown Belt

250 standard dynos

80 performance dynos


Black Belt

Unlimited standard dynos

Unlimited performance dynos


Our servers now happily scale anywhere from 2 to 15 dynos, saving us thousands a month.

Sean Devine
  • Can I autoscale my Private and Shield dynos?

    Yes! We support both Private and Shield dynos on Heroku. These dynos count towards your “Performance Dyno Limit” in the table above.

  • Can I autoscale standard and performance dynos together on a single app?

    Yes! All plans except Yellow Belt support performance dynos, and you can use any combination of standard and performance dynos across your web and worker processes.

  • How do I calculate my dyno limit?

    Judoscale dyno limits are the maximum number of dynos you can scale to, totaled across all web and worker processes with autoscaling enabled. See our pricing docs for examples.

  • Can I try Judoscale for free?

    Yes! Our White Belt plan is designed to experiment with autoscaling and determine which paid plan is right for you. It will autoscale an unlimited number of dynos for a maximum of 20 scale events per month.

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Use the White Belt plan for free as long as you like.

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There are no other options as good as Judoscale. I feel like it’s a bargain for the headaches it saves me.

Matt Bertino
Founder, PostPilot