Effortless Autoscaling for Python

Autoscale your Python web apps and task queues with ease, using request queue time and task queue latency.
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Scaling is queue management. Queues ensure availability (no one is rejected when resources are busy), but create latency (waiting). Scaling is about ensuring both high availability and low latency, while minimizing cost.

Nate Berkopec
The Complete Guide to Rails Performance

All about queue time

Most autoscalers rely on generic metrics like CPU or memory, but queue time is the true measure of server capacity. Judoscale was built for queue time from the beginning.Learn more about request queue time

visualization of request queue time

Task queues, too!

Queue time isn’t just for web services. Judoscale also uses queue latency to autoscale your background workers, making sure your task queues never back up.

screenshot of web and worker instances in Judoscale

The fastest autoscaler

A capacity issue needs to trigger autoscaling as quickly as possible, and Judoscale is the fastest autoscaler available. Our autoscaling algorithm runs every 10 seconds, ensuring your app scales up before users notice an issue.

screenshot of scaling up fast

Reduce your hosting costs

Most Python applications are way overscaled, and Judoscale can help. Our precision autoscaling algorithm lets you scale down without sacrificing performance or peace of mind.

screenshot of a Heroku bill

Customize your autoscale behavior

Every Python app is different, and Judoscale gives you complete control. You can scale by multiple instances at a time and tweak the frequency of scaling. Each process is configured independently with a few simple sliders.Explore the configs in our sandbox app

screenshot of Judoscale configuration options
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Supported Python Stacks

Web Autoscaling

Worker Autoscaling

Judoscale saved me big time yesterday!! I’m new to this and I’m learning on the fly, but you made it very easy.

Sam Wood

Most applications have greatly overprovisioned resources, because resources are provisioned manually in response to developer stress (pages, calls, incidents) rather than automatically (in response to metrics, e.g. request queue time).

Nate Berkopec
The Complete Guide to Rails Performance

Judoscale has been a huge strategic win for us. We’re spending less money to deliver a better experience to our users. The cost savings listed in the app dashboard is extremely conservative as the service lets us avoid tremendous backend costs on Heroku.

Michael Buckbee
Founder, Gently Used Domains

Chameleon has been extremely stable thanks to Judoscale. We have very high spikes in traffic, and I don’t even have to think about it.

Brian Norton
Co-founder & CTO, Chameleon

We could see the care in Judoscale’s documentation, the gems were well-documented and designed with a general sense of quality.

Sean Devine

We’re really impressed by the simplicity and ease of use of Judoscale. We’ve gone from constant worries over site performance, to complete confidence in our configuration. What a great tool!

Christopher Batts
Co-Founder & CEO, Setyl

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