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Avoid downtime and reduce hosting costs.
We use request queue time to monitor your web servers and scale automatically.
$ npm install judoscale-fastify
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Why autoscale your Fastify app?

Most Fastify apps are over-provisioned. You’re paying through the nose for resources you don’t need, but you do it because you’ve been burned with downtime.

Even worse, you still encounter downtime and slow-downs! Traffic is variable and sometimes unpredictable, so even your extra servers aren’t always enough.

Autoscaling is the solution here, and it’s pretty simple. We monitor the capacity of your Fastify app, and we scale your servers accordingly. You’ll never pay for resources you don’t need, and you’ll always have capacity to meet those sudden bursts of traffic.

Judoscale scaling charts

Explore for yourself in our sandbox app →

What makes Judoscale different?

While most autoscalers rely on generic metrics like CPU or total response time, Judoscale monitors the request queue time in your Fastify app. Queue time is a way more reliable capacity metric that we’ve written about extensively, and we built our autoscaler with queue time in mind from the beginning.

We also give you a whole lot of control and visibility into your autoscaling that you won’t find elsewhere. Autoscaling is all we do, and we’ve been doing it for a long time.

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The fastest autoscaler for Fastify

With autoscaling decisions made every 10 seconds, Judoscale ensures your Fastify apps scales up quickly to meet demand.

screenshot of scaling up fast

Ready for Active Job

Whether you use Sidekiq, Solid Queue, or any other Active Job adapter, Judoscale can autoscale your workers to avoid bottlenecks.

screenshot of web and worker instances in Judoscale

Reduce Fastify Hosting Costs

Avoid overscaling with Judoscale’s precise autoscaling algorithm, saving you money on hosting costs without sacrificing performance.

screenshot of a Heroku bill

You’re In Control

Fine-tune your autoscale settings with Judoscale’s easy-to-use controls, ensuring the perfect configuration for your Fastify apps.Explore the configs in our sandbox app

screenshot of Judoscale configuration options

As we onboarded larger customers, we expected traffic peaks that needed to be addressed quickly. Judoscale did exactly that.

Jan-Willem van der Meer
Lead Software Developer, ixly

I moved to Judoscale when the business got more serious. I wanted our customers to have quick response times and this was a really efficient way to do that.

Matt Sencenbaugh
Founder, WrestlingIQ

We have a wide variance in both server load and response times, which makes trying to scale based on response time completely ineffective. Judoscale just works. We love it!

Jared Moody
CTO, Jetbuilt

We had a few times with a spiked increase in load when we exhausted our request queue, resulting in downtime. Judoscale really alleviated that and allowed me to not have to think about it at all. It’s been fantastic so far.

Joe McCormick
Director of Engineering, SplitSpot

The first step to a scalable web service is automatic autoscaling. Without autoscaling, you're just waiting for a flash sale, social media post, or other "white swan" event to take down your site at just the wrong moment.

Nate Berkopec
The Complete Guide to Rails Performance

Chameleon has been extremely stable thanks to Judoscale. We have very high spikes in traffic, and I don’t even have to think about it.

Brian Norton
Co-founder & CTO, Chameleon

We could see the care in Judoscale’s documentation, the gems were well-documented and designed with a general sense of quality.

Sean Devine

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