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Forget about scaling.

Powerful autoscaling lets you spend more time on dev, less time managing ops.

# 1. Install your Judoscale adapter(s)
bundle add judoscale-rails
bundle add judoscale-sidekiq
# 2. Push it live!
git commit -am "Judoscale!" && git push

Scale background jobs

Web dynos are only half of your app. Autoscale your worker dynos to ensure job queues don't grow out of control.

Request queue time

Response time varies depending on the endpoint. Request queue time is a better metric for more reliable autoscaling.


You need your autoscaler to respond as fast as possible. Catch slowdowns before they become a problem.

Precise control

Scale by multiple dynos to minimize disruption. Tweak your autoscaling behavior using our intuitive interface.

Scheduled autoscaling

Need even more control? Judoscale will adapt to the ebb and flow of your traffic, on a schedule you define.

Any dyno type

Judoscale will autoscale Heroku's standard, performance, private, and shield dynos.

Built for your language and framework

We tightly integrate with web frameworks and job queues to provide the most powerful and reliable autoscaler available.

Ruby on Rails
Node JS
Delayed Job

Trusted by 600+ dev teams

We’ve been autoscaling Heroku apps since 2016. We’ve got your back.

    • Judoscale has allowed us to reduce our dyno usage for our primary application down to less than half of what we were using before, which is amazing (and allows us to not have to upgrade our Heroku plan). Thanks for making this, it really is a great little service.

      Mark Urich
    • If I was the king of the world, I would make it illegal to horizontally scale based on execution time. Scale based on queue depths, people!

      Nate Berkopec
      The Complete Guide to Rails Performance
    • Judoscale saved me big time yesterday!! I’m new to this and I’m learning on the fly, but you made it very easy.

      Sam Wood
    • I needed to save on dyno hours at slow times of day/week, but handle the busier times without doing anything manually. Judoscale has given me this peace of mind.

      Björn Forsberg
    • I’ve used most of them. Adam’s is the best. I highly recommend it.

      Andrew Culver
      Bullet Train

Take it for a spin

The free plan is the best way to get started. It includes all features and only limits the number of autoscales each month.

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Frequently asked questions

Check out our docs for a whole lot more. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, send us an email!

    • What languages and frameworks does Judoscale support?

      We support several web frameworks and job backends for Ruby, Python, and NodeJS. See the full list here.

    • What data can Judoscale access for my app?

      Our adapters only collect queue-related metrics for requests and job queues along with version info for the frameworks you have installed.

    • What happened to Rails Autoscale?

      Judoscale is the new brand identify for Rails Autoscale. The Rails Autoscale Heroku add-on is still available, but behind the curtain it’s all Judoscale.

    • Does Judoscale work in Heroku Private Spaces?

      Yes! Judoscale works for all Heroku dynos and in all Heroku environments. Note that request and job metrics will be sent to Judoscale over the public internet.

    • Does Judoscale work on any platforms beyond Heroku?

      Not yet, but we’re working on it! Let us know what platform you’re interested in.

    • Can we have a call to see if Judoscale makes sense for my app?

      We’d love to chat with you! Use this link to book a call with us.